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While ordinary filters only remove the suspended particles and sediments from water, R O cross flow filtration system Unibiz RO water purifier helps remove: High percentage (90 to 99%) of dissolved contaminants such as Aluminum, Asbestos, Fluoride, Iron, Lead, Zinc, Mercury, Calcium, Sodium etc. and the Micro-organisms like Garcia, cryptosporidium, Hostiles, Viruses and Bacteria, Toxic metal and radioactive elements, Pesticides and Herbicides including DDT to the molecule level by filtering all the rejected salts away from the entire membrane and leaving its surface fully unclogged.
Our company, Unibiz RO. with its head office at vapi, Gujarat, India and the C and F for Odisha,Neekita Tradelink at Bhubaneswar has been able to earn a household name for itself in the country and its beyond in the field of research based and user friendly water treatment system products for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. Our company’s latest innovative technical supports for its products not only ceaselessly work to design, develop , manufacture and market a very high quality reverse osmosis system based water purifiers, water treatment plant and purification system at very affordable prices for but also promise to provide quick and time bound customer supports in the event of necessity. Our patented product suite includes a complete line of water filtration products, water saving products, test equipments and international brand components. We assure that we stand behind every product we sell along with the best warranty system and services in the market which do satisfy our each and every valued customer. For the same what we only need is our esteemed customers’ valuable feedback through our website or through customer service department.


Unibiz RO, the most acknowledged revolutionary hyper water-filtration and purification technology in the world, involves the free passage of water flow from the section containing lower concentration of ionic substances to a higher concentration section when the two are separated by a semi-permeable membrane (the heart of RO process) made of semi permeable material like cellulose acetate, aromatic polyamides or polysulfonated polysulfone. The system does apply sufficient pressure to force the water to flow through the membrane in a reverse direction leading to quick production of pure water with its natural color, taste and other properties of feed water by screening out the harmful contaminants such as the dissolved salt, sugar, bacteria, viruses, pyrogenes, proteins, dyes and other particles with a weight greater than 150 – 250 Daltons to the maximum extent.


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