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Oxygen scavengers can help reduce corrosion, maintenance, and downtime
NE Daly Dosing feed water treatment chemicals scavenge oxygen and reduce corrosion in the feed water circuit. This protects your equipment against oxygen pitting and reduces the potential for unscheduled downtime. These water treatment chemicals also reduce the amount of metal oxides entering the boiler to maintain clean boiler tube surfaces and improve fuel efficiency.
Daly Dosing Product Features
Improves equipment reliability
Controls oxygen pitting both in feed water and condensate
Reduces maintenance costs
Minimizes condensate iron and copper levels, increasing the quality of usable condensate
Reliable corrosion control for internal boiler surfaces
NE’s ON-LINE treatment chemicals maintain clean boiler tube surfaces and minimize corrosion, thus reducing the chances of overheating or failure. Corrosion and deposition control helps increase plant reliability and availability, protects equipment, and reduces maintenance and fuel costs. In addition to controlling deposition and reducing corrosion, some water treatment chemicals can reduce the tendency for boiler water to carry over to the steam. This protects super heaters and steam turbines from potential damage. event.
ON-LINE* Product Features
Minimizes corrosion and deposition
Improves boiler reliability
Reduces operating and fuel costs
Includes a broad range of chemical treatments for boiler systems
Protect from scaling and improve your heat exchanger & Chiller efficiency
System scaling and deposition can cause many problems with your operation. NE’s deposition control products help battle the loss of heat exchanger capacity and efficiency that can lead to increased fuel costs. Good deposition control also helps you avoid equipment failures, maintenance costs, and emergency shut downs.

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